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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Social Leper

So, I'll put it bluntly readers-
I'm trying to find an appropriate moment to whip out my **drumroll**...rolly bag. Yes, the infamous rolly bag. During my summer legal fellowship in Indiana, I used it. I was needless to say ridiculed. But the benefits to my back far outweighed any negative stigmas I acquired in the process.

Opinions, readers. When is to soon to start making my trek to the law school, rolly bag in tow? I haven't seen any one else with them--other than Elle Woods. I have seen a ridiculous camping book bag. That's analogous? Right?

Please be merciful with your comments---I'm hoping for 2 wks max...my back can't take these books anymore, and lockers, well, lockers scare me.

Yours truly in paper and all that rolls,


  1. Hi Ana, this is Kelly from the Chicago-Kent program. I saw your blog link on facebook. I just bought a rolly bag if by that you mean a backpack on wheels. I really want to save my back. I picked up my law books at the bookstore that way too. People stared but I don't care.

    Roll with it girl!

  2. Whip it out girl! You can rock just about anything and make it cool...so I say go for it. I would probably want one too after I saw you ;)
    Miss you!

  3. paooo!!!! you are 27 kinds of crazy with your rolly bag hehe!!! but do what you gotta do i love you!